Here’s a quick test that could determine if you’re going to be wealthy

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Check this out:


You scan the grid, then figure out what number is associated with “music.” Then you answer. Simple, right?

Thing is, the answers are easy — but after a couple of minutes of doing this, your brain basically goes numb and you start making sloppy mistakes. But if you can avoid that — if you can fight through the boredom and keep answering correctly — well, people like that might make more money. (A 10-percent increase in score = a 1-percent increase in earnings.)

When Inc ran this story, they gave it the good ol’ clickbait headline (“If you can do this one thing, you’ll be successful…”) but really the whole issue here is perseverance. If you have a task/goal — be it “fill out the corresponding number” or “do this deliverable at work” — and you can stick to finishing the task/goal even if it’s tedious, essentially that’s how you predict “a successful person” from “one who will be less so.”

Phrased another way, failure is pretty much universally tied to excuses and giving up.

Not necessarily breaking news, but interesting nonetheless. Keep your focus and stay on your grind and you have a better chance of success.

Ted Bauer