Why crowdsource an idea/concept if you don’t care about the responses?

Here’s a little personal story.

This was posted on Twitter a few days back:


My friend Sarah Pressler recommended me for the gig this guy was offering. I sent this along via Twitter:

I didn’t hear anything for about a day, and yesterday I felt kinda feisty/my life is meaningless, so I wrote this tweet:

(Yes, not the most professional thing of all-time. That said, I’ve always viewed “professionalism” as somewhat overrated.)

Here’s what I got a bit later when I clicked on that guy’s name:

Be Blocking Me On Twitter

Hmmm. This is something I really don’t understand.

Let’s start here: I realize I’m whatever. I write a blog, a few people read it, and I don’t think I deserve to be considered a great writer or offered freelance gigs or whatever. (You know, when they come, though … I certainly rise to the occasion.)

But why would you crowd-source something about needing writers …

… then have one of your followers recommend someone … 

… and suddenly you’re blocking them for trying to follow up with you?

Now yes, I was a dick in the process, and I admit that. But sheesh.

This is the more-ridiculous equivalent of someone posting on Facebook “Hey, anyone ever been to Greece? What would you do?” when they already have their entire itinerary set. 

I just don’t understand people most days, honestly.

Ted Bauer