Cops have killed 385 people so far in 2015, but look deeper at the numbers

Cop Shootings White vs. Black

385 people through five months is basically two people per day getting killed by a police officer somewhere in America, which is twice the rate of the past decade. That’s not good. Before you think it’s all “white cop vs. black, unarmed offender”… Continue Reading


Productivity and engagement killer: Mobile e-mail.

Checking Your EMail At Night Is Terrible For Ideas

Stop and think about this for one second, and try to follow this bouncing ball: A lot of people (probably a majority) do check their e-mail at off-hours, i.e. night-time at home. When they’re doing that, a subsequent large number are probably… Continue Reading


How To Get Buy-In: It’s all about positive energy

How To Get Buy In

Take a look at this chart; I got it from here: “Buy-in” is a pretty important concept, all told. If you have an idea and you can’t get people to buy into it, what’s the value of the idea? In harshest… Continue Reading


Change meeting structure and foster transparency

Transparency At Work

Cool article on Inc about a company in Iowa (that’s also 104% solar powered, as you can see above) that went to a “flat” management structure and practiced transparency. It’s a relatively small company, and I know something like that would be… Continue Reading


Technology killed recruiting

How Technology Killed Recruiting

At most organizations, the idea of daily deliverables murdered strategy. I also often think that the sheer concept of “head count” murdered innovation. You can add another one to the “X-Thing In Business” murdered “Y-Thing In Business” column: technology damn near slashed recruiting’s effectiveness… Continue Reading

Time spent with print vs. ad spend on print = a mess

Ad Spend vs. Time Spend Print Media

From here and Mary Meeker: Check that baby out — ad spend on print is still 18 percent, but “time spent” is 4 percent. That’s a mess. TV still dominates — even though the whole thing is a junk science — and… Continue Reading

Pro-Choice! Pro-Life! Um, how about Pro-Voice?

Aspen Baker and Pro-Voice Abortion

Personally have never understood the over-politicization of the abortion topic, especially because it’s inherently ironic that decisions about women’s bodies can be dictated in a political arena, which is predominantly old white men with money.  Now there’s this: Pro-voice means listening to all… Continue Reading

How do you get your idea to catch on?

How To Get Ideas To Catch On

Challenging question, right? And in a way, kind of the crux of everything. If you have the greatest idea in the history of mankind but no one buys into it, well … was it really the greatest idea in the history… Continue Reading