What’s the best city in the world if you’re under 29?

Best Cities For People Under 29

Here’s a look at the best cities for jobs for young people, and here’s a look at the migration patterns of young people. Now we’ve got some new information: essentially, what’s the best city for someone under the age of 29?

You can learn more here, and it’s all ultimately via here. The basic methodology?

  • Over 10,000 young people (under 29) surveyed
  • 101 different indicators
  • 55 cities looked at

For the visually-inclined:

Best Cities For People Under 29

What was the top 10, then?

  1. NYC
  2. London
  3. Berlin
  4. San Francisco
  5. Paris
  6. Toronto
  7. Chicago
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Mexico City
  10. Amsterdam

The No. 1 thing these cities have in common is probably that they’re all relatively expensive, which leads to one of the essential questions of our time: you’re young, and you want cool cities/experiences, but … can you afford them in an age of stagnant earnings? Sure, NYC and SF are great. So is London, and so’s Berlin. (I’ve never been to Berlin. I know nothing.) But I mean, if you can’t make more than $50K and your boss is on you like a dog, wouldn’t it be easier to live in a place like Kansas City or Brussels? (I have no idea how expensive it would be to live in Brussels.)

Personally feel like the future of U.S. cities is going to shift away from the NYCs someday, but I may be very misguided on this front.

Ted Bauer

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  1. Berlin is very affordable. Food, Flats, etc. are really cheap. Even for traveling! If you want to know more about this city, check out my latest post.

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