Remember: business is still individual-to-individual

Business Is All About Individuals

You know why, ultimately, business journalism and headlines like “74 percent of B2C consumers prefer this…” don’t have value? And you know why the ramp-up to “Big Data” and “data-based decision-making” will be hard for a lot of people?

Here’s why:

All of these arresting statistics about buyers represent buyer behavior on average.   Averages are great because they show us directional change in the aggregate. But savvy marketing practitioners know that it’s irresponsible to build your customer engagement strategy on aggregate trends. The behavior and proclivities of your buyers might be very different from those averages.

Business is still a person-to-person thing. That’s why you could easily hop on Skype and get up with a potential new client, but in reality you’re gonna fly halfway around the world on 48 hours notice instead.

Human-to-human, baby! “Data” can’t always paint that picture for you.

Ted Bauer

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