People who live in cities often think they live in the burbs

People Think They Live In The Suburbs But They Live In Cities

Kinda interesting, and via here:

People Think They Live In The Suburbs But They Live In Cities

Here’s the methodology here: this guy at Trulia (their “chief economist!”) asked 2,000+ adults if they thought they lived in an urban hood, a rural hood, or a suburban hood. He then organized the results. Interestingly, the cut-off is 2,213. If you live in a zip code with more than 2,213 households per square mile, you tend to view your neighborhood as “urban.” 102-2,212 and you typically call yourself “suburban.”

If you look at the above, then, cities like NYC, DC, Boston, Baltimore, Seattle, and Philly view themselves as completely urban — almost no one is classifying themselves as living in a suburban area. Ah, the I-95 corridor. All about that pride, baby! (And Seattle.)

Then, cities like Ft. Worth — where I live! — and Tucson, Fresno, Louisville, Nashville, etc. — people live within cities, but view their area as the ‘burbs. Interesting. That could be about how cities are built; in a place like Ft. Worth or Tucson, it’s going to be more sprawling.

This all has some broad relevance because well, maybe the suburbs are dying and it appears millennials mostly want to live in cities, but the cool cities are expensive, so … will more people end up in these sprawling suburb-cities?

Ted Bauer