Cost of Living: What’s the hourly wage you need for a 2BR in every state?

Cost of Living for 2BR Apartment by each state

From here (via here):

Cost of Living for 2BR Apartment by each state

“Dark blue” is high cost — and it’s about what you’d expect: the I-95 corridor down to VA, California, and Washington state (probably driven a lot by Seattle). Should be noted that this isn’t by city — so, for example, a 2BR in Miami might be pretty high, but because a 2BR in Tampa is likely lower, Florida is a lower number as a whole than, say, NYC.

Right down the I-35 corridor from Minnesota to Texas is some good value, eh? The “Plains,” as they were/are, seems like some good value as well. Unless I have no idea how to read numbers, I think Arkansas might be the lowest value for a 2BR in America, as far as states go. That’s cool.

Said it before and I’ll now say it again: these numbers continuing to rise will push people away from the coasts over time.

Ted Bauer