This is how we SHOULD think about marketing, but we DON’T

How to think about marketing

From here:

“I came from a different path in marketing. It’s deeply formed my view on what’s the appropriate approach.  I can remember when I played college football one of our coaches said, ‘Your value to the team is how close you are to the ball at the whistle.’  I often think of marketing in that way; your value is how close are you to a customer.  Do you deeply understand what’s going on there?  Particularly in our market,” says Frank.

And then:

One thing I recognized a long time ago is that the market is always right and I learned that from trading and it really applies to marketing as well. Marketers can get in trouble when they think they’ve got a monopoly on truth, or they’ve got one scenario in their head, as opposed to how the market really thinks and really behaves,” says Frank.

So what does this all mean?

Pretty simple, really:

Y’all with me?

Ted Bauer