Today is my wife’s birthday. If you want the story of how we met, click here.

Let me start here: I promise I’ll make this somewhat funny/entertaining. Otherwise, why would you want to read the story of how two people you potentially barely know got together? If you get about halfway and it’s not funny or entertaining, then… Continue Reading


The power of asking good questions

Got a million words I could write on this topic, but I realize no one would ever read that, so … let’s keep it a bit tighter, no? I was just reading this article on the power of harnessing employee… Continue Reading


The dirty little secret about communication at work

This isn’t going to be a long or well-thought-out post, so I apologize in advance. It’s just something I was thinking about recently and wanted to articulate; one of my ideas going forward is to actually do a post where… Continue Reading


Future of work: balancing cohesion and diversity

I was just poking around the Internet on Sunday AM and found a few articles on holacracy, which is a concept that intrigues me. (If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s essentially a looser, more informal management structure where traditional… Continue Reading

How can you create business urgency with limited resources?

If a business has been around for 5-10 years and it’s generally making money, there’s usually an established series of “cash cows” within the org — i.e. the things that actually make it the money. (Insert something about 80/20 rule… Continue Reading

Your Facebook profile seems managed, right? Nope. It’s your true self.

1 billion people used Facebook this past Monday, which is essentially 12 percent or so of the Earth. That’s some reach. Personally never been of the belief that “social media” is an actual relationship,  and I think that’s kind of a tipping point… Continue Reading


Opinion-seeking is a major reason videos/stories go viral

Let me start here: I don’t actually think something “going viral” is that great. If you work in social media or marketing, your focus should really be on retention. Most organizations can have one or two videos, or one or two… Continue Reading


On Will Smith and the treadmill success theory

I came across an article on Wharton’s website about whether hiring should be based on gut or data, which is an insanely interesting topic because … well … most organizations spend about half their money going out on salaries and hiring, and… Continue Reading