When will the 2015 Clemsoning happen?


Clemson is currently No. 3 in the AP Top 25 and No. 6 in the coaches poll; they just beat a team (Miami) so badly that said team fired their coach. They won a massive game earlier in the season… Continue Reading


Business acronym to understand: B.R.A.V.E.

Valuable business acronym = B.R.A.VE.

In a business context, B.R.A.V.E. indicates or stands for: Behaviors Relationships Attitudes Values Environment That’s pretty much everything, right?


Why do most people use their time so poorly?

Why are humans so bad at time management?

Here’s an article from the Kellogg School at Northwestern about maximizing time management, based on research into how Italian appellate court judges schedule their days, case loads, and workflow. The first logical thing you might say is this: “Well, I’m not… Continue Reading


How about being a problem-anticipator instead of a problem-solver?

Problem-Anticipating vs. Problem-Solving

Here’s a basic fact of life that people don’t really discuss all that often, best I can tell: Most of the time, you have a plan for how something will go. This applies to work, to friends, to relationships, etc.… Continue Reading

‘Management 101:’ Set a fire. Wait until it escalates. Resolve it. Tell everyone you put out a fire.

Managers setting fires at work

The headline pretty much says it all here, but I was thinking about this at the end of last week. This really is how most people manage in small, medium, and large corporations. The essential step process is: Set a… Continue Reading


Let’s start embracing the idea of asking questions at work

Asking Better Questions At Work

Here’s a cool article from Harvard Business Review about how companies value curiosity in their employees, but nonetheless stifle it. The idea of a company talking out of both sides of its mouth shouldn’t surprise anyone — for example, leaders always claim they… Continue Reading

How critical of others is your organizational culture?

How critical of others is your work culture?

I was thinking about this last night for a while. Let me try to lay out what I’m talking about. I’ll probably do a semi-poor job, so bear with me. In every organization, regardless of size or industry, decisions need… Continue Reading

Nobody truly knows what makes people happy at work

We can't really measure happiness at work

Do we spend too much analyzing ‘what makes people happy at work’ instead of addressing the real issues? Continue Reading