Heisman Trophy 2015: Leonard Fournette vs. Trevone Boykin, right?

2015 Heisman race Fournette Boykin

That’s how it would seem, about halfway (six weeks) through the season.

Fournette has 119 carries for 1,022 yards and 12 TDs; he’s in a tie with 10 other all-time players for the fastest person to 1,000 yards in a season. That list includes people like Barry Sanders and Marcus Allen.

When LSU destroyed Auburn a couple of weekends ago, he had several ‘Heisman Moment’ type plays:

Here’s the essential deal with Fournette, or any SEC player in contention: LSU still plays Florida, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M. That’s four teams in the top 15 (as of right now). If any of them shut him down or make him look semi-human in a bad LSU loss, that could be the end of his Heisman run.

Boykin has thrown for 2,103 yards and 21 TD (vs. 5 INT) and rushed for 366 yards and 4 TD, including basically saving a game last night vs. Kansas State that could have tanked TCU’s season:

The Frogs have three ranked opponents left, although Oklahoma doesn’t look as great having just lost to Texas yesterday — essentially, TCU’s entire season (unless they crash and burn in a random game) appears to be that finale vs. Baylor the day after Thanksgiving.

On TCU as well, you have Josh Doctson — 50 catches, 877 yards, 10 TDs. Receivers very infrequently win the Heisman, but … his name deserves a semi-mention.

The other candidates I’d probably throw out there include Dalvin Cook from FSU, who eviscerated Miami’s defense yesterday:

792 yards and 8 TDs on the season for Cook, and then there’s …

Ezekiel Elliott, who was probably the story of the end of last season (along with Cardale Jones), has been maybe the lone bright spot for the No. 1 Buckeyes in some games. They had a potential scare from Indiana — who I think was last in the Rose Bowl during the Eisenhower administration — before he turned on the burners and let ‘er rip. He has 835 yards and 10 TDs, and while OSU probably won’t play a threatening game until MSU/UM at the end of the season, it’s always good to have someone from the No. 1 team in these discussions.

If you want to toss a defensive player in here because that’s always fun, it would probably be this guy:

Alabama vs. A&M next weekend should be an epic game.

Anyone else come to mind?

Ted Bauer