2016 goal: Text 3-5 of your friends every morning, just because

Show your friends gratitude every day

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I’m on this kick of setting 2016 goals — yesterday I came up with one about networking — and then last night, I was walking to downtown to meet my friend and listened to the Tim Ferriss podcast episode with Jamie Foxx along the way. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in that episode — the Kanye/Twista song ‘Slow Jamz’ was originally laid down in Foxx’s garage, for example — but there’s something kinda near the end that was really cool. Ferriss asks Foxx about his morning routine, and mostly Foxx is talking about his workouts — which are very pull-up-focused, FYI — but he throws in another thing: he texts ‘a couple of his people’ just to say hi. No agenda, no needing to connect, no business dealings, no real context. Just ‘Hi. Have a great day.’ That was really admirable.

Gratitude can literally reshape your neural pathways, so tossing 3-5 texts out every morning seems like a good play. I’m gonna try it out. 

Ted Bauer