What if we let employees design their own jobs?

What if employees designed their own jobs?

Let’s start with these points, OK? The hiring process isn’t the most amazing thing at most companies Job descriptions are often not fully indicative of what the person will actually do A lot of people exist at work and don’t… Continue Reading

The definitive time equation to remember at work

Work and time management

This is primarily going to be anecdotal — i.e. based on people I’ve worked with, my friends have worked with, etc. If you want some science on people having problems balancing and understanding time (especially at work), you can read this or… Continue Reading


The most common interview questions do little to advance the hiring process

Job Interview Questions

I just came across this post on HubSpot about ‘The 10 Most Common Interview Questions — And How To Answer Them,’ which is in turn based on March 2015 research from Glassdoor into ‘The 50 Most Common Interview Questions.’ The order of… Continue Reading

Managers judge new ideas poorly. So what do we do?

Moving along good ideas

Take these two concepts and think about them: Harry Potter, maybe the most successful film + book franchise of the last 20-50 years, comes from JK Rowling experiencing ‘loads’ of rejections before she got a publisher. The main way we set… Continue Reading


Can a compassionate work culture lead to more profits?


Emma Seppala, a professor at Stanford, has a new book out called The Happiness Track. One of the most popular things I’ve written in the past few months, ‘You’ll Never Have A Good Work Culture Unless You Stop Promoting Assholes,’ is rooted… Continue Reading

14 paths to personalized content success


Forbes magazine and Price Waterhouse Coopers just completed a study on ‘Leading With Customer-Focused Content,’ which on the surface can sound a bit buzzword-heavy. Essentially, it’s about a two-pronged idea: Content is important Personalized content — in essence, stuff a consumer actually would… Continue Reading


No, not everyone on your team will be innovative. That’s OK.


Managers that I’ve worked with love to do one of two things when discussing their team and its members: Praise the hell out of them and talk about how they’re the “best team in the biz” (80 percent of the… Continue Reading

How to create a mentorship culture at your job

I think the concept of ‘making an impact for other people’ — or having influence, or getting people to listen to you — are ideas that we sometimes reserve for professors, or authors, or ‘thought leaders,’ or CEOs, or motivators.… Continue Reading