Why the hiring process is broken

Hiring Process is Broken

My last couple of years have been pretty awkward in terms of hiring process. I worked at PBS from 2011 to 2012, then decided to go to graduate school. That kinda sorta turned out OK, but it took me a… Continue Reading

Marketing objectives 101: Stop copying everyone else

Marketing Objectives 101

When I was a little bit younger, I was often confused about marketing objectives. To be honest, before I even worked in marketing, I really didn’t understand the difference between “marketing” and “advertising.” (Truth be told, most CMOs probably still… Continue Reading

Bad bosses: The circles of management hell

Bad Bosses

I’ve got a lot of experience with bad bosses (definitely more with that type than with good bosses, unfortunately); I’ve got so much experience with bad bosses, honestly, that I once wrote a post explicitly detailing the 12 worst types… Continue Reading

Business process buried results

Business Process

Hmmm… business process. That’s a multi-layered topic, no? Let me do my best here. I think the first place you need to begin is with the idea that for most senior executives — or quote unquote decision-makers — within an… Continue Reading


A data-backed argument for business failure

Business Failure

Business failure: everyone runs from it and no one wants to be associated with it. But maybe that’s the wrong attitude. Here’s a recent article from Wall Street Journal on the most successful stocks of the past 30 years; Harvard Business Review then invited one of… Continue Reading


The true test of successful organizational development

Organizational Development

Organizational development suffers from the same core business problem as many things — it’s hard to measure. Here’s the basic deal with many jobs: even though senior leaders usually aren’t very good at analyzing data in the context of decision-making,… Continue Reading

Management Skills 101: Failure happens

Failure and management skills

What if we worried less about chasing targets, and spent more time on real conversations about failure and how to grow from it? (As opposed to accusatory shouting about what didn’t happen.) Continue Reading

Idea generation is all about persistence

Idea Generation

Idea generation would seem to be a pretty big topic in the working world, right? You can argue that ‘no original ideas are left’ — that’s definitely true in content marketing, baby! — or you can argue that the only… Continue Reading