Why the performance appraisal is a joke

Performance Appraisal

Research from Wharton that will blow your mind on the notion of “good employees” vs. “bad employees.” Continue Reading

Summer Fridays and throwing yourself on the cross

Summer Fridays

“Summer Fridays? I can’t possibly enjoy that! I’m putting in 75 hours this week!” Your co-worker just e-mailed you that — from the bar at 11am. Continue Reading

The career ladder has a dangerous side

Career Ladder

What happens if most of your management team is high-power, but low-respect/status individuals? Um. Nothing good. Continue Reading

Eight crucially effective leadership skills

Effective Leadership Skills

This comes with some research via Google, and a bit more via Harvard and Stanford. Let’s see what we can suss out. Continue Reading


The great project planning myth

Project Planning

Project planning? No time! I got a boss to please! (But seriously, here’s a research-backed look at why most project plans aren’t that great.) Continue Reading

Leadership traits: Understand push vs. pull

Leadership Traits

You can force the message out, or you can get your people to be ride-or-die with you on the message. What’s your deal? Continue Reading


Personal branding: Sounds buzzword-y, is crucial

Personal Branding

A ‘brand’ is a marketing innovation — it’s a controlled series of graphics, text, and ads, etc. So a ‘personal brand’ can feel very forced or inauthentic and even buzzword-y. But that’s too bad, because in the modern hiring climate, personal branding is essential. Continue Reading


The problem with your decision makers

Decision Makers

Many are just digital paper-pushers. And here’s why. Continue Reading