Flexible work arrangements are the future

Flexible Work Arrangements

“You mean they won’t be sitting 10 feet from me? How will I know if they’re knocking out their deliverables?” Continue Reading


Project management tools only work if…

Project Management Tools

… human elements, like clarity, context, and communication. Continue Reading

Corporate values and enemies

Corporate Values

Trump’s America? Continue Reading

The A-Player fallacy


We deify the idea, but it’s mostly wrong. Continue Reading


Career goals and the role of a boss

Career Goals

This is predominantly a time management issue. Continue Reading


The bad attitude work myth

Bad Attitude

Or “How Bosses Keep Their Teams Full Of Only People Who Never Question Anything They Say, Volume 12.” Continue Reading


Can self-management be taken to scale?


Holacracy is dead. Long live holacracy? Continue Reading

The brainstorming tools you need

Brainstorming Tools

I’m not even sure how effective brainstorming is in the modern business context of meetings and meetings and calls and calls, but if you’re going to brainstorm — let’s at least do it right. Continue Reading