Your onboarding process needs authority

Onboarding Process

“This here is Larry in accounts receivable. This is our new hire. Meet Larry. He’s been here 11 years…” <--- We can replace this with a much better first day. Continue Reading

Interview techniques: Make them less generic

Interview Techniques

This applies to both candidates and hiring managers. Continue Reading

90 day review: Let’s do this more

90 day review

The four questions. Continue Reading


Employee recognition ideas: Uh, start by caring

Employee recognition ideas

“I don’t have time to recognize my employees! Don’t we do that at raise season or something? Eff it, let’s buy a software program!” Continue Reading

Business development: 94% of challenges are internal

Business Development

Cosmic shift from even the early 1990s. Continue Reading

Trust in the workplace globally: 46%

Trust In The Workplace

Compensation being unfair is a big reason 1 in 2 people essentially don’t trust their bosses and the company they work for. Continue Reading


Your recruiting process alienates the best people

Recruiting Process

Here’s how I want to spend my Wednesday: uploading a resume and then filling out 18 tabs of exactly the same information I just uploaded. Wait, what? Continue Reading

Business training: How do we make it better?

Business training

Lack of context meets deification of the military. Fun! Continue Reading