Disruption: Let’s have a frank discussion, yea?


It’s as much about psychology as it is “product marketing mix.” Continue Reading


Work week: How we view it is a joke

Work Week

“I put in 88 last week, baby! I’m building the biz!” This is wrong on at least six different levels. Continue Reading


User personas are mostly worthless

User Personas

If you’re still using “user personas” or “marketing personas” but claiming data is massively important, well, you’re lying to yourself somewhere in the process. Continue Reading


Bad leadership costs you about $144,541.30 per day

Bad Leadership

“No time for that shit, Judy! Kick it to HR! They have the functional knowledge! I’m out here building the biz!” Continue Reading


Hiring solutions: Competence is overrated

Hiring Solutions

Who cares what you’ve done if you’re not capable of growth, which is what companies ultimately seek? Continue Reading

Thought leadership: Why it’s often cringe-inducing

Thought leadership

“Second verse, same as the first, little bit louder and a whole lot worse…” Continue Reading

Good corporate culture has a negative side

Corporate Culture

A mostly no-bullshit approach to what’s a “way to pay people less” to many senior decision-makers. Continue Reading

Work Martyr: Yea, this isn’t a good thing

Work Martyr

Get off the cross, baby. Others need the wood. Continue Reading