So why aren’t thought leaders saving the world yet?

Thought leaders

… because they’re largely full of crap and chasing sales. Continue Reading

Why company core values actually matter

Company Core Values

Chase the cheddar with some “mission and purpose” in mind. Continue Reading


The “millennial mindset” is horseshit

Millennial Mindset

“Organic feedback is what they need, Bill!” Continue Reading

Do mission and vision lead to profits?

Mission and vision

There are two types of corporate mission, essentially — and one of the two types will make you more money. Continue Reading

Will CEO responsibilities ever really shift?

CEO responsibilities

If VUCA is real and disruption is near, then shouldn’t CEOs be viewed differently — and/or chasing new targets? Yes. But this isn’t happening as much as it should. Continue Reading


Command and control management will kill you

Command and control

15.4% less likely to live a long life because of your ass clown boss? Not a deal any of us should be taking. Continue Reading


How to motivate your team: Let’s strip away the bullshit

How to motivate your team

It’s a lot about money, Daniel Pink keynote speeches be damned. But it’s not ALL about money, no. Continue Reading


The Career Training Era may finally arrive

Career training

HR webinars ain’t cutting it anymore, boys. Continue Reading