Management innovation is failing us

Management innovation

“Management innovation” shouldn’t be code for “prove growth and earn yourself a fat bonus,” but sadly it often is. Continue Reading

Loss aversion explains a lot of business

Loss Aversion

The AI robots haven’t come for our jobs just yet. As such, work is populated by people — and hence an emotional place. We often remove psychology from these discussions, opting instead for focusing on supposed operational excellence. This fails us and creates turnover. And now: loss aversion! Continue Reading

Employee branding begins by cutting buzzwords

Employee branding

Rushing to buy software probably won’t make this any better, alas. Continue Reading

Customer insight? That requires thinking, yes.

Customer Insight

What if I told you … it’s possible to view customers as more than simply wallets with fingers? Continue Reading

Can you challenge the status quo at work?

Challenge the status quo

It’s not about rolling over and playing dead for the execs, but it does involve a bit of strategy and logic. Continue Reading


The power of gratitude at work

The power of gratitude

It’s less about KPI chest-pounding and breathless revenue analysis, and more about understanding how the pieces of human interaction fit together. Continue Reading


Email writing skills: BLUF

EMail writing skills

Most emails are low-context slop fests where you have no idea what steps you’re supposed to take next. What if we turned to the military to find ways to improve this? Continue Reading

Holiday season at work: Stop pounding your chest

Holiday Season

Watching Love Actually and KPI-chasing don’t go hand-in-hand. Continue Reading