Does the “big deals” model of marketing work?

Big Deals

Probably not. Continue Reading


The self-delusion problem of leadership


Your key numbers here and 82 and 80. Continue Reading


Dealing with taxes as a freelance writer

Freelancer taxes

Worth hitting this target for a second. Continue Reading


“Strategic account managers” are pulling us all into Hades

Strategic account managers

Is this role, when crafted, really strategic or managerial? Continue Reading


“Thanks in advance” is the way to end emails, eh?

Thanks in advance

While it sometimes comes off as condescending, it shows the power of gratitude at work. Continue Reading


The war for talent became the war ON talent

War for talent

It’s now largely lip service. Continue Reading

One set of people management skills actually matters

People Management Skills

All you really need to do is walk around and observe stuff. Continue Reading


Get better ideas: Maybe lessen your own ego, yea?

Better Ideas

Mostly-logical advice from rich people. Continue Reading