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Can we solve the Elizabeth Collins / Lyric Cook abduction-murder case?

You may know a little bit about this case, but if you don’t, here’s some basic info: the two girls (Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook) were cousins. They disappeared on July 13, 2012.… Continue reading

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Should Human Resources optimize the talent or the organization?

There is possibly no more discussed topic in the Human Resources world than “getting a seat at the table” or “becoming a strategic business partner,” (can be said in other ways as well)… Continue reading

Organizations like to describe women as “abrasive”

More evidence that performance reviews are a bit of a train wreck: the context around them is very different dependent on what gender you are. If you’re a woman, they’re likely to be more negative — if… Continue reading

Elizabeth Cauvel vs. Courtney Lapresi is going to be the MasterChef 2014 finale, right?

MasterChef seems to be a big fan of the narrative thread this season perhaps more than any other — for example, Leslie and Ahran feuded repeatedly in early challenges and then, on Ahran’s eventual… Continue reading

Facebook eliminating clickbait headlines is a purely business move

You may have heard about Facebook’s attempts to eliminate / remove ‘click bait,’ or, essentially, articles that kind of tease you into clicking on them — bait you, in other words — with a controversial or… Continue reading

No one really understands the unemployment rate

There are actually six different “unemployment rates,” although predominantly when people use that term in cocktail party banter, they mean “the number of people looking for work who can’t actively find it.” But by no means… Continue reading

Here’s another reason meetings are awful

I’ve written about this topic a couple of times before — for example, in this post. I was thinking about a new angle on it recently — essentially “Why are meetings typically awful?” —… Continue reading

How old and experienced is an average CEO?

In the fall of 2012, I had a semi-interesting conversation with a kid I was going to graduate school with. At the time, I think I was 31; the other person in question… Continue reading