Why political polarization in America is unique

Political Polarization

Three main issues here, and they played out big in 2016 (and shall continue to do so!). Continue Reading

Is inclusive prosperity even psychologically possible?

Inclusive Prosperity

In other words: do the rich decision-makers really care about the rest of us shmucks? Continue Reading


Dealing with taxes as a freelance writer

Freelancer taxes

Worth hitting this target for a second. Continue Reading

Workperks: How to do this right


Some middle manager just barked “I can’t afford to reward them for doing their job!” Shut up, shit-dick. Think about it logically for a second. Continue Reading


The bullshit thoughts and prayers culture

Thoughts and Prayers

We all know ‘thoughts and prayers’ means nothing and leads to virtually no action. So how does it still resonate so much? Continue Reading


Navigating to WordPress.org over the weekend

This probably doesn’t mean much for the average reader of this blog, but depending on how you subscribe to me, you may stop getting updates. (Which, in some cases, may be a blessing for you.) The URL will be the… Continue Reading

What are the best games in NFL Divisional Playoff history?


Last night’s Cardinals-Packers Divisional game was a classic, perhaps made even moreso because the teams met a few weeks ago and the game was a total rout. (The same team did win both times, though.) That happens a lot in… Continue Reading


Quick Happiness Hack: Take Facebook off your phone


Like several people I know, I’ve long had a weird, kinda love-hate relationship with Facebook. To wit? I’ve considered out-and-out quitting it a few times, but … FOMO I honestly think there’s something to the idea that it’s reduced true… Continue Reading