Future of Work

Obviously, a lot of how we’ve always thought about work is changing. There are growing concerns around automation. Maybe jobs — as we currently know them — will not exist in 25 years. Signs of that are everywhere.

There are two aspects to the idea of “the future of work,” though. There’s a technological aspect that will adjust productivity and change the very nature of employment. That’s “A.” Then you have “B,” which is the psychological and how managers/leaders are adapting to changes around them. In short: they’re mostly not doing a very good job of that. We’re supposed to be ushering in more productive, feedback-driven, customer-centric models of management. And sadly, there’s still a lot of bellowing, screeching, hollering, yelping, and rank and yanking all over the place. The tools are better. The managers are not.

I write about the future of work pretty much every day. Have a look around.