Hire Ted Bauer

A lot of copywriting is warmed-over garbage. 

Problem is: people copy other people. They steal ideas. They read eBooks about "copy that converts" or whatever, or they simply farm it out for $5 to a freelance writer in Laos. Then they send you nothing of real value. It certainly isn't driving your business forward. You need copy that sells, drives, encourages, engages, and tells some kind of story. Poke around this blog if you want. I do that every day.


That's me. And I'll do more for you.

What you get:

  • 2 articles free to test the relationship out
  • Keyword research
  • Unlimited articles/other content per month
  • Original research for article itself
  • Unlimited edits
  • Host of other services including email marketing (which I promise won't sound like a used car salesman), PPC, social media management, and content management

If you're a LinkedIn person, check me out there (with testimonials, etc.). I say "if you're a LinkedIn person" because I think we all secretly know many who claim to be and haven't checked it in six years, four months, and a day.


How does the process begin?

You can email me here, and let's start discussing your needs and pricing ideas. Believe me -- this will be fun, and you'll make money.