Hire Ted Bauer

Hire freelance writer Ted Bauer

Quick executive summary on me as a freelance writer:

First off, I’m from NYC but I’ve lived lots of places — and currently call Fort Worth, Texas home. I work with brands and entrepreneurs in about nine countries, though, although predominantly the U.S. I’m going to use the term “freelance writer” a lot here, although I can do more for you in terms of marketing and branding help — or PPC, social, etc. — as opposed to just writing. That’s your call. The rest of the page is going to run through various aspects of working with me, which you should definitely check out. But if you’re a super busy person (who I often help out!), let me give a quick summary:

  • Worked for many vetted brands full-time, including ESPN, Teach for America, McKesson, and more
  • Work for anywhere between 12-23 brands, thought leaders, and small businesses as a freelance writer right now
  • Love to help people/companies define their value to whoever buys their product/service
  • Big on the rising role of business storytelling in multiple forms — often help people/brands with that
  • Rates are affordable (ask); I meet you where you’re at
  • Can help with dozens of different marketing functions (also, just ask)

That’s the executive summary on me as a freelance writer. Now feel free to dive a bit deeper:


I graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A. (Psychology and Sociology) in 2003, and have a Masters in Business from University of Minnesota (2014).

Previous Work Experience:

I’ve worked for Teach for America, ESPN, McKesson, and more. Learn more at my LinkedIn page or ask for a standard resume.

Freelance writer content I can produce for you:

  • Blogs
  • White Papers
  • E-Books
  • Landing pages
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Content Management Systems I’m familiar with:

  • WordPress
  • Kentico
  • Content Editor
  • Tumblr
  • HubSpot
  • Joomla
  • SalesForce (more a CRM, but listing it here)

Functional Marketing Skills:

  • Social Media Management (HootSuite, Buffer, etc.)
  • Content Marketing / Digital Marketing
  • Editorial Calendars / Planning

Other skill sets:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Suite
  • Adobe suite

Why do you need a freelance writer? Do you want to do more with content but don’t know how?

I’ve worked with a lot of different marketing managers, from CMOs on down. I know how it goes. You want to do more with content or storytelling and you see the value — if not the bottom-line ROI — but you’re focused on other tasks, deliverables, and projects. You need someone who can take it and run with it: a person who knows how to write, edit other pieces, put it in the CMS, SEO, tagging, etc. — and then promotion and amplification. I’ll do that for you. All of it.

So, do you have a lot of experts in-house but can’t get their knowledge ‘out there?’

Let’s be honest about two things here:

  • The experts on your team are probably very busy.
  • Because they’re experts, they often write about the topic in a way that can seem very buzzword-y or out of touch. No one wants to read it.

I’ve worked with experts in dozens of fields — industrial lubricant (no joke), luxury travel, pro football, medical sales, HR software, and many more — and turned their ideas into executable sales and marketing documents. Again, I can do all this for you. It usually only involves 2-3 emails or a 10-minute phone conversation.

Interested in hiring me as a freelance writer but want to know where can you find my writing samples?

  • My blog (you’re already here, so poke around)
  • LinkedIn page
  • Hundreds more available on request — ask me if I have something for your industry!

How can I be reached?

  • Phone: 860-967-7667
  • E-Mail: tedbauer2003@gmail.com
  • Skype: e.bauer4
  • LinkedIn: Above
  • Twitter: @tedbauer2003
  • Use the form below

Are you interested in references?

I can provide those as well. Just ask.