Hire Ted Bauer

Let's solve some problems

The longer I've been freelancing for people around marketing and content, I've realized it's less about the resume and more about the relationship we can build and how I can solve problems for you.

Let's start with the personal. My name's Ted. From NYC, live in Texas. I'm a guy but I love Indigo Girls. Email marketing makes me excited. I get nervous when people quote too many Malcolm Gladwell articles. I think "content for the sake of content" does nothing for a business. I have a Labrador-Great Dane named Samson. I'm pretty funny. Bad management makes me sad. I've worked for some pretty big brands.

How can I help you?


This will be the most basic execution: blogs, white papers, eBooks, and anything else you need. We can do this per hour or per project. It's flexible. You get as many edits as you want.

Email marketing

Here's where we start driving revenue: fun, interesting, conversational emails that showcase who you are. We sell your stuff through personality. We also track it, analyze it, and make it better each time out.


What is this content supposed to do? Who should it reach? Uh, is it actually doing that? This typically involves keyword research, looking at some competitors, defining a better voice, thinking about assets, talking through landing pages, ads, other acquisition strategies, etc. 

What industries do I work in?

I've actually worked in dozens as a freelancer/contractor, including:

  • HR
  • Leadership development
  • Real estate
  • Law
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Employee engagement
  • Customer experience
  • Sales
  • Social media monitoring
  • Coaches/personal development
  • Psychology
  • Call centers

That's just a sample. I'm very strong at research, too, so I can pick up new industries quickly. 

How does pricing work?


This is one way we can work together, usually at about $40/hour to start. Then we can assess how it's going.

Project Basis

We set a price for a specific set of deliverables. We'll set this price together. If the project goes well and we want to work together again, awesome!


Specific price per month. I offer three tiers here, based on how much you want. Runs from standard blogging/long-form to deeper strategy/data.

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