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Most of the Internet is digital noise these days. It's pretty bad. There are 293,000 FB statuses every minute, for chrissakes! 

How are you going to stand out in all that? How are you going to look, feel, and sound better than your competitors?

What's the path through for you? Well, it might help if you sounded different than everyone else. If you pulled 'em in...

... this is where I come in for you.


A few ways I can help


It won't sound like BS. It won't copy your competitors. I work within your processes.

This usually involves blogs, white papers, eBooks, sales documents, research reports, landing pages, etc.



EMail marketing

Most emails are awful. The subject line is slimy, sales-laden garbage. No one opens or engages. People unsubscribe. 

I'll make your emails better. They'll be funny, interesting, and people will care. 


Content for the sake of content is mularkey. It has to actually do something: make you money, increase awareness of you, help your brand, get you speaking gigs, etc. 

So let's work together to set that strategy around keywords, distribution, frequency, platforms, etc.

Some pricing options


This is best for short-term project work, although it can evolve into a different payment structure. I'll meet you where you're at hourly-wise.

Project Basis

We set a price for a specific set of work. For example, a blog post might run $xx, an eBook $xx, etc. It depends on the specific project and the size of your org (or if it's just you).


These are a monthly price for a basic package of writing, emails, and strategy work. If we have a retainer agreement, there's no limit to the amount of work you can assign me in a given month. If it starts to get unreasonable, we'll discuss a new retainer.

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