Hire Ted Bauer

My story

I'm from New York City, but I've lived in Fort Worth, Texas since about July 2014. I've been freelancing (writing/marketing) since about November 2015; probably worked with 32 clients or so in that span (some drop in/out).


What types of clients?

I've worked for dozens of clients: digital marketing agencies, talent management software, mobile marketing suites, a doula, an industrial lubricant company, several thought leaders, a call center attrition company, a furniture brand, and more. I can provide samples and references if you'd like.

If you're wondering about any "niche" writing skills I have, those would be around leadership, management, HR, recruiting, hiring, career arcs, etc.

If you're a LinkedIn person, check me out there (with testimonials, etc.). I say "if you're a LinkedIn person" because I think we all secretly know many who claim to be and haven't checked it in six years, four months, and a day.


What do I provide?

  • Freelance writing/ghost-writing
  • Blogs
  • EBooks/White Papers
  • EMail Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Management/Ads
  • More upon request

How to get in touch

E-mail me here, message me on LinkedIn, or send a carrier pigeon. We'll talk your pain points, logistics, and rates. Let's get that content helping you to sell, right?

Marketers don't really understand content