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I'll solve your problems, and we'll have fun

Most of the Internet is digital noise these days. It's pretty bad. So you've got a product, service, idea, whatever. You are convinced it's great. (Ideally it is.) How are you going to convey that to other people while not getting lost in the shuffle of your 30+ competitors? How are you going to send emails people open and click?  

It comes from how you frame up your message and determine your voice and value proposition. That's where I can help.

A few ways I can help


Blogs, white papers, eBooks, sales documents, brochures, website copy, and anything else you need. As many edits as you want. I work within your process, not the other way around.

EMail marketing

Interesting and conversational emails that showcase who you are. We sell your product/service through personality instead of vague up-selling. 


Keyword research, looking at competitors, defining a better voice, thinking about assets, talking through landing pages, ads, other acquisition strategies, etc. Is the content doing what it should do?

Industries I've Worked With

I've worked in dozens as a freelancer/contractor, including:


  • HR
  • Leadership development
  • Real estate
  • Law
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Employee engagement
  • Customer experience
  • Sales
  • Social media monitoring
  • Coaches/personal development
  • Psychology
  • Call centers


That's just a sample. I'm very strong at research, too, so I can pick up new industries quickly. 

Some pricing options


This is best for short-term project work, although it can evolve into a different payment structure. I'll meet you where you're at hourly-wise.

Project Basis

We set a price for a specific set of work. For example, a blog post might run $xx, an eBook $xx, etc. It depends on the specific project and the size of your org (or if it's just you).


These are a monthly price for a basic package of writing and social. If we have a retainer agreement, there's no limit to the amount of work you can assign me in a given month. If it starts to get unreasonable, we'll discuss a new retainer.

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