Jennifer Johnson, Maine woman, beats her husband in local political race

Jennifer Johnson defeated her husband, David, in a Ward 1 warden position race in Maine on Election Day 2013. The final tally was 127-76 for the wife, who is the Democrat of the union. Here’s the ballot. The reason for… Continue Reading

Bill De Blasio’s reign of amazingness begins now

In all likelihood, Bill De Blasio is about to become Mayor of New York City; the last time that the Mayor of America’s largest city wasn’t named Giuliani or Bloomberg was 1993.┬áThis is a fairly large moment/situation, because Boston —… Continue Reading

Welcome to Election Day 2013, y’all

Good rundowns here, here, and here.┬áThe big show is in the Virginia governor race, but there’s also 312 Mayoral elections, including big ones in Boston (first open ballot in 20 years), NYC (no more Bloomberg), Seattle (expected to be tight),… Continue Reading