Gary Peters of Michigan bucked the Koch Brothers trend in 2014

Gary Peters

This is kind of a cool anecdote in terms of 2014 postmortems: the general storyline was that Republicans won, Obama lost, Tom Steyer spent a lot of money and got very little return, and — two years after spending a… Continue Reading


Midterm elections are mostly pointless

Midterm Elections

I enjoy politics as a spectator sport, just like any other almost-34-year-old who periodically reads long-form articles in publications trying to recapture their mojo. I’ll look at results today for Michaud-LePage (Maine Governor), Elise Stefanik and her 30 year-old self… Continue Reading


Young, cute, Harvard-educated, Republican? Elise Stefanik could be the future.

Elise Stefanik

The youngest person ever elected to the U.S. House of Representatives happened back in 1973, when Elizabeth Holtzman won at age 31. Tomorrow, Elise Stefanik should win at age 30, breaking a forty-year old record in the process. In addition to… Continue Reading

When politics confuses you, remember this: it’s mostly about voting by party

Politics can often be confusing, but if you dig just below the surface, it doesn’t have to be. Consider this. Pew recently did a study on Presidential candidate traits, and they found some things you’d expect: military experience, Governor, business… Continue Reading

The future of politics (are you listening, Rand Paul?) could be addressable advertising

It seems like people have been discussing this idea of “what Big Data can really do” for years without tremendously tangible day-to-day results (possibly because of this and this). Still, it seems logical that as SmartPhones become the primary gadget… Continue Reading


Let’s hold off on writing Kay Hagan’s political obituary until after May 6, alright?

Here’s the basic math on the 2014 Senate elections: Republicans need a net gain of six to take control of the upper chamber. Tim Johnson (a Democrat) from South Dakota is out, and his seat will almost assuredly flip. That… Continue Reading


How about Brian Sandoval as a 2016 political force, either against Harry Reid or in a dark-horse run at the Presidency?

I initially wanted to write a post about Gary Herbert, the Governor of Utah — by some measures, he’s the most popular Governor in America. Problem is, he’s a Republican, and Utah is a pretty red state — obviously it went… Continue Reading

Political trend line: young white millennials are basically libertarians. Can they save the GOP?

The electoral map isn’t very favorable to the GOP, and their strategy/culture isn’t either, and while they may do OK in the midterms — midterms typically favor the non-Presidential party anyway — their 2016 prospects look dim at present. But ah ha!… Continue Reading