Abortion’s at its lowest level since 1973 (and everyone wants credit for that), but Republicans still want to end insurance coverage of abortion

I’m not going to write a lot about this, because while I know a few people who have had abortions, I’m (a) not a woman and (b) not tremendously well-informed on every nuance of the idea, so I feel like… Continue Reading


2014/2016 Political Trend Line: Voters who are ‘spiritual’ but not necessarily ‘religious’ (are you listening, Hilary Clinton?)

Religion and politics have been tied up together for centuries, so I’m not going to attempt to talk broadly about that (there are entire departments at well-regarded universities who study these types of topics). Rather, there’s a short, but interesting… Continue Reading

Matt Rosendale, Kirk MacKenzie, the Defend Rural America movement, and the craziness of Montana politics

Most people from the coasts tend to not understand Montana at all; they think it’s either a place with a lot of free masons, a place with maybe some cool national parks, a place where you can probably drive 90… Continue Reading


The age of Mia Love is now upon us all

You may have heard that seven-term Utah Democrat Jim Matheson isn’t seeking an eighth term, because, as the National Republican Congressional Committee will tell you: “It’s telling that Matheson, who didn’t even vote for ObamaCare’s original passage, knows he can’t run and… Continue Reading


It seems like the theme of the Consumer Electronics Show this year is going to be wearable technology

CES is this week (January 7-10) in Las Vegas. It appears that Olivia Munn, Dean Norris (Hank Schrader!), Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars!) and others will be on hand, and the full conference session is here. (The titles are predictably conference-esque,… Continue Reading


Some important Big Data milestones around gay rights, marijuana, and the U.S. role as a global cop

2014 is about 1.25 days old right now in the United States, and it feels pretty OK so far — with the exception of the passing of Uncle Phil, nothing majorly monumental seems to have happened (and I’m not sure… Continue Reading


What are the perceived big issues, challenges, and stories of 2014?

Everybody loves to predict what could happen in the next year — and how those trends will shape both the short and long-term future. We do this every year. A year from now, we’ll be doing it for 2015, along… Continue Reading