The top 10 skills for a job in 2014, per LinkedIn

Hottest Job Skills 2014

As year-end reviews go, anything LinkedIn does has the potential to be fairly interesting: after all, they have 350 million profiles with information about people’s professional backgrounds, skill sets, experiences, and connections. (And despite that, they probably haven’t made recruiting that much… Continue Reading

What do Google’s top 10 searches of 2014 say about humanity?

Google Top Searches 2014

Had this e-mail dialogue with my friends last night (by “dialogue” I mean I responded to one e-mail, then no one responded after me). Figured I’d move it over here. If you’d like to see a little bit about the… Continue Reading

YouTube 2014 belonged to Katy Perry and a mutant giant spider dog

Mutant Spider Dog

In some ways, on YouTube and Facebook, 2013 was the year of “The Harlem Shake.” Now we have some YouTube data from 2014, and the story is a smidge different. 

Shit, 2014 will probably be the hottest year on record

2014 Hottest Year On Record

We should all be legitimately concerned about drought and climate change, but we’re not because — in all honesty — it seems like a very far-off thing, and we’re probably not going to be alive when the worst of it… Continue Reading


Let’s hold off on writing Kay Hagan’s political obituary until after May 6, alright?

Here’s the basic math on the 2014 Senate elections: Republicans need a net gain of six to take control of the upper chamber. Tim Johnson (a Democrat) from South Dakota is out, and his seat will almost assuredly flip. That… Continue Reading


Will Atom Egoyan’s “The Captive” be a career rebirth for both him and Ryan Reynolds?

Atom Egoyan, the Armenian-Canadian filmmaker, made some of the best under-the-radar films of the 1990s: Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter come to mind. He’s dropped off a bit in recent years with Chloe — good sex scenes, but not a good movie — and Devil’s Knot — interesting premise,… Continue Reading


How about Brian Sandoval as a 2016 political force, either against Harry Reid or in a dark-horse run at the Presidency?

I initially wanted to write a post about Gary Herbert, the Governor of Utah — by some measures, he’s the most popular Governor in America. Problem is, he’s a Republican, and Utah is a pretty red state — obviously it went… Continue Reading

Somehow, 20 years after “The Mask,” 2014 might be the year of Cameron Diaz

This could be the year of Shailene Woodley, or maybe in a looser way Miles Teller (or hell, maybe even Steve Carrell), but it’s doubtful anyone is going to be in as many mass-promoted movies in 2014 as Cameron Diaz. Consider… Continue Reading