Why political polarization in America is unique

Political Polarization

Three main issues here, and they played out big in 2016 (and shall continue to do so!). Continue Reading

Facebook as an echo chamber isn’t breaking news, dipshit

Echo Chamber

This seems to have confused people more than it probably should. Continue Reading


It’s actually fairly easy to explain Donald Trump’s rise

I guess we should start here: he’s not going to win the GOP nomination. He might run top-3 for a portion of the primaries, but he won’t win. I don’t even think he thinks he’ll win; I doubt any staff… Continue Reading

Evenwel vs. Abbott might change a lot about Hispanic voter influence

Hispanic Voting Power vs. Eligible to Vote

Start here: Of the 25 districts with the highest Hispanic population shares, 19 also are among the 25 districts with the lowest eligible-voter share. This is because so many Hispanics aren’t eligible to vote, either because they’re not U.S. citizens… Continue Reading

Clinton vs. Rubio (Bush?): Will 2016 be first true ‘Big Data’ election?

2016 Presidential Election and Big Data

With Hilary Clinton declaring yesterday and Marco Rubio declaring today, this seemed like a good time to write this post. Interesting point made here: FDR mastered the radio like no President beforehand. JFK mastered the TV like no President beforehand.… Continue Reading

Is the Hillary Clinton waiting game actually good for democracy?

Hillary Clinton Waiting Game

There’s basically two options here. None of them are really very good for the United States’ belief in themselves as a true democracy. Continue Reading

The Koch Brothers are 2016

Koch Brothers 2016 Election

Dark money — and the ultimate human representation of dark money, that being the Koch Brothers — should probably terrify you. You can ultimately look at this in 1 of 2 ways, best I can tell: To have a set of… Continue Reading


Here’s President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union word cloud

SOTU Word Cloud 2015

Here are the word clouds for the third State of the Union of every President since Roosevelt — i.e. the penultimate ones — and below (in large format, as well as to the side here in smaller format) is President… Continue Reading