Does employee feedback have to be such a train wreck? (No.)

Employee feedback

We all know the buzzwords here. Can we slice through them? Continue Reading


Effective feedback: Avoid ‘The Shit Wave’

Effective feedback

“Why wasn’t this done exactly to my specs? Gahhhhhh!” (pause) “Well, even though you’re my manager, I haven’t spoken to you in six weeks.” Continue Reading


The lack of feedback at most offices is stunning

I got this from here, which is in turn from here. (HubSpot is the first one; OfficeVibe is the second one.) The whole infographic is featured below, but take a look at the one above. Basically all your employees (98… Continue Reading

For the love of Christ, give feedback regularly at work

No one gives feedback at work

From here: The question, then, is how do you provide feedback in a constructive way. It takes practice, Robin says, but one key is making sure that feedback isn’t given just once in a while, but instead is part of… Continue Reading


The essential issues with giving feedback at work

HBR Feedback

Got the image above from Harvard Business Review. Before we get that far into this, how funny is that picture? It kinda summarizes feedback at work in a nutshell in 149 different ways. Here’s the article where I got the image… Continue Reading


360 degree feedback = concentration camp

360 Degree Feedback

When I was doing the whole UMN HRIR thing — which kind of broadly regressed my life in some ways — one of the major companies that came to speak to us was Anheuser-Busch. I love beer, and St. Louis… Continue Reading