Do we have new potential suspects in the Cassie Compton disappearance case?

Cassie Compton Missing

I wrote about this case once before. The first time I wrote about it (click that link if you want to read it), I speculated that Dustin Blackwell was the potential suspect — just based on stuff I had been reading… Continue Reading

What happened to Anjellica “AJ” Hadsell?

Anjellica Hadsell Missing

This case has been a little bit crazy. She’s been missing from the Norfolk (VA) area since March 2. It seems like she was “on alert” and/or “scared” about someone she knew in the weeks leading up to her disappearance.… Continue Reading


Do we think Thomas Rouland is involved in the disappearance of Kimberly Rouland?

Kimberly Rouland Missing

Here are most of the basics of this case, notably: Siskavich’s girlfriend, Kimberly Rouland, 32, was reported missing on Feb. 10. Her estranged husband, Thomas Rouland, 37, told police she left their Arcadia residence the previous night at 6:30 p.m.… Continue Reading

What could have happened to Apryl Foster?

Apryl Foster Missing

Here are the basics of this case. Looks like she was out with co-workers in Tampa/Ybor City on Feb. 11 and did a little bar-hopping, ending at a bar called Double Decker. Police have reportedly questioned three men: her ex-husband, her… Continue Reading


Shasta Himelrick case: Name to know might be Michael Owes

Shasta Himelrick Gas Station

Shasta Himelrick went missing in Ohio around Christmas; first her car was found abandoned, and then her body was found in a river in early 2015. I don’t believe there’s an official cause of death on this case just yet, but… Continue Reading

How about a Rhonda Kitts Daugherty and Lonnie Vann connection?

Rhonda Daugherty

Rhonda Daugherty, soon to become a grandmother at age 49, went missing this past week. Her husband — they appear to co-own an insurance agency — came home from work and found the door wide open, but most of her possessions… Continue Reading


What could have happened to Shane Montgomery?

Shane Montgomery

Just about 15 minutes after I found out that Kiki Louder’s body had been discovered, (that’s a case I once wrote about) I learned a bit about the story of Shane Montgomery, a college kid who vanished in the Philadelphia… Continue Reading


What could have happened to Jessica Padgett? Is it linked to Mica Padgett or Holly Grim?

Jessica Padgett Missing

This is a missing persons case out of the Northampton, PA area — the basic details are here, but Padgett was a wife/mother who worked at Duck Duck Goose Daycare and had a second job at Distinctive Fence. Last Friday, she… Continue Reading