The value of protests in the algorithm age


Those 29 likes on your funny Instagram sign are not “fighting the establishment” just yet. Continue Reading

Facebook as an echo chamber isn’t breaking news, dipshit

Echo Chamber

This seems to have confused people more than it probably should. Continue Reading

‘How do consumers find our product?’ has become ‘How do algorithms find it?’

Algorithms are key to consumer acquisition strategies

Many marketing and sales types — as well as high-level executives — often worry about how potential consumers will find their products, and rush around screaming about KPIs and ROI and deliverables and optimized lead generation programs, all of which… Continue Reading


You over-inflate your intelligence when you use Google

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Netflix’s success isn’t really about algorithms

Netflix and Algorithms

We live in this algorithm-dominated world now, and part of the reason that emerged — aside from simply better technology and people focusing on it — was because for generations, a ton of big decisions were made on the gut… Continue Reading

The most important people on Wikipedia might be Carl Linnaeus, Jesus, Michael Jackson, and Hitler

If you use two approaches to ranking web pages — PageRank (Google-developed) and 2D Rank (which measures how many external sources cited) — and you apply those ranking systems to Wikipedia, here’s what you learn about the “most important people… Continue Reading


On Eli Pariser and the algorithm bubble

Eli Pariser, who’s currently the chief executive of Upworthy, wrote a book in 2011 called The Filter Bubble. A nine-minute TED Talk on many of the same topics is embedded above, but essentially, the idea is that personalized search — i.e. the… Continue Reading