What if positive thinking is mostly bullshit?

Positive Thinking

Realistic pessimism sometimes beats deluded optimism, you know? Continue Reading


Financial metrics: Guys sound like a-holes when discussing, yes?

Financial Metrics

This post includes a fun little game to play in meetings. Continue Reading


The Guesswork Era may still beat Big Data


You can’t just introduce a new business paradigm on the fly without considering the psychology of your executives. Continue Reading


Future employment: Data translators

Future employment

Following the bouncing ball (or the data-brick road). Continue Reading


Business intelligence tools: The four areas to consider

Business Intelligence Tools

What can a global leader at McKinsey teach us about what business tools we need to be thinking about for growth? Continue Reading


Performance metrics: Evolve or die

Performance Metrics

The performance metrics you use (both internally and externally) are probably outdated for the digital age. So, what now? Continue Reading


Business metrics: You’re doing it wrong. Let’s fix it.

Business Metrics

It’s really hard to do business metrics well unless you have a culture of honesty and transparency, and most companies do not. You can still grab, scrub, analyze, and decide off data and business metrics, but there will be a lot of politics, BS, under-cutting, and the like preventing true success. Continue Reading


People analytics is still far off

People Analytics

It’s 2016. We have data everywhere, and that includes data on new hires and management. Why don’t we use that to structure our business processes better? Um, because secretly it violates every tenet of human psychology… Continue Reading