Fort Worth is the new Austin

Fort Worth is the new Austin

As of tomorrow, I’ll have lived in Fort Worth for nine months. My wife and I pulled in on July 14th, 2014. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. My job search process had mostly sucked, and for a long time… Continue Reading

Here are the 10 cities with the largest share of young adults

Salt Lake City Young People

People love to breathlessly discuss “the cities of the future” or “where the young people are headed,” and goddamn hand to some deity, I am no exception. I’ve written about people moving away from coasts, the best cities for jobs… Continue Reading


What’s the best city council in America? Austin, TX? Irvine, CA? Seattle, WA?

There are countless lists ranking the best Presidents ever, the best Governors currently, the best-run states in America, and tons of other political stuff. There’s a popular show about local/city government (Parks and Recreation), but broadly, we don’t speak about… Continue Reading

156 of 383 major U.S. metro areas saw their population grow faster than the national average from 2010 to 2013. No. 1? Austin, Texas.

It’s always interesting to see what areas of America are growing faster than others — it ties back to where jobs are, where quality of life is perceived to be highest, and where the ideas of the city about attracting… Continue Reading


IBM has a food truck debuting March 7 that’s going to reinvent your favorite foods (like burritos) off of cognitive computing

Came across the IBM Tumblr the other day and it’s fairly cool; one thing they’re focusing on now is called “cognitive cooking,” and it’s described in the video above — and also in this video. Essentially, the idea is this:… Continue Reading


Cities go with low taxes to attract entrepreneurs and new companies; the entrepreneurs want talent and livability

Fact: San Francisco and Boston — two innovation hubs based on coasts, universities, etc. — are becoming more expensive. Fact: cities like Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, right there in the heartland/Rust Belt, are beginning to attract new start-ups and incubators and… Continue Reading


The Milken Best Performing Cities list tells us to move west of the Mississippi and/or embrace Columbia, Missouri

The Milken Institute released its annual Best Performing Cities list this week. Here’s the methodology, and here’s the list of “best large cities” and “best small cities.” There are a bunch of cool features, including the ability to compare different cities,… Continue Reading


Steve Stockman and Ted Cruz as U.S. Senators won’t happen, but damn, it would be interesting

Ted Cruz won his Senate election in Texas in 2012, so he’s good until 2018 (there’s oddly speculation that he might be running for something else in 2016, which I guess is only logical since he’s reached the coloring book stage of… Continue Reading