More marketing ROI: Kill off “branding”

Marketing ROI

One organizational tweak might work here. Continue Reading


More evidence that thought leadership might be garbage

Thought leadership garbage

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Top eCommerce trends of 2017

Some help from my friends over at payever. Continue Reading


Digital marketing plan: Blow up the bridge

Digital Marketing Plan

Art of War time. Apply the face paint. Continue Reading


Lead generation was killed by … itself

Lead Generation

“We put 2K leads into the pipeline last month!” yelps a middle manager. He neglects to mention that 108 of those people are, in fact, deceased. Continue Reading

The death of B2B sales and marketing? Nope.

Death of B2B sales and marketing

People have been talking about the death of B2B sales and marketing for a while now — heck, I even did so in March of 2015 with this post and this graphic: That slide was captured at something called the… Continue Reading