The Douchebags shall continue to rise, at work/home


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Why don’t bad management styles evolve out?

Bad Management Styles

Work, and management, are not Darwinian in nature. Continue Reading


“I hate my boss:” The anthropological reason

I Hate My Boss

It’s not just “He/she is a wanker” or “He/she doesn’t respect me.” (That’s part of it.) It’s deeper into the human condition than that, though. Continue Reading

Business Culture: Understand reaction vs. response

Business Culture

A good workplace isn’t made by kegerators and ping-pong tables. It’s much more about your front-line managers understanding thoughtful response as opposed to hair-on-fire reaction. Continue Reading


The miserable two bosses problem

Two Bosses

Who’s allowed to tell you what to do and when? Continue Reading


Bad leadership costs you about $144,541.30 per day

Bad Leadership

“No time for that shit, Judy! Kick it to HR! They have the functional knowledge! I’m out here building the biz!” Continue Reading


The hair-trigger boss: A true joy


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‘Best boss’ discussions are often total garbage

Best Boss

If you do a simple Google search for ‘best boss’ or ‘how to be the best boss,’ there are millions and millions of results. The dirty little secret? They’re mostly all garbage. Continue Reading