Is Step 1 in the Golden State Warriors dynasty tonight?

Warriors Becoming A Dynasty

Food for thought: the last team to win the NBA Finals with no players with any Finals experience was the 1991 Chicago Bulls. We know what ultimately happened there: dynasty. 1991, 1992, and 1993. If MJ doesn’t go “ride the bus,” then maybe 1994 and… Continue Reading


It’s probably time to fire JT3, Georgetown

Fire JT3 Georgetown

I went to Georgetown University for undergraduate. I’m old, so that was a long time ago (graduated in 2003). Four years after my crew of people graduated, we made a Final Four run with John Wallace and Jeff Green, etc.… Continue Reading

Iowa State, Baylor: Let’s talk about 14-over-3 seed NCAA Tournament upsets

Bad Day For 3-Seeds

Two three seeds lost in the first round of the first day of the first block of the NCAA Tournament earlier: Iowa State (who I had to the Final Four in some brackets) and Baylor. Since the switch to a… Continue Reading

This NFL Draft is a big night for H-Town: Houston Rockets haven’t won a title since 1995, Houston Texans have never been to a Super Bowl, Astros haven’t been relevant since 2005. Is “a savior” coming?

Above is the end of Game 4 of the 1995 NBA Finals. The Rockets swept the Magic (with a young Shaq) and won their second consecutive NBA championship. That was the last championship the city won, which is about 18-19 years. That’s… Continue Reading

Are the current Oklahoma City Thunder of KD and Russell Westbrook going to suffer the same fate as the early 2000s Kings of Chris Webber and Mike Bibby?

Let’s start with a couple of basics: from the 2000-01 NBA season through the 2004-05 season, the Sacramento Kings won 50 games every year. They never won an NBA title — 2002 was the closest year, and quite honestly, Tim Donaghy… Continue Reading

The 2014 NBA Playoffs are already tied for the most Game 7s ever — and we’re not even done with the first round. (Imagine if Damien Lillard had missed?)

Check this out: five first-round series went to a Game 7 (Hawks-Pacers, Thunder-Grizzlies and Clippers-Warriors yesterday, then Spurs-Mavs and Raptors-Nets today). That’s already tied with the 1994 NBA playoffs for most series to go to 7 — and we’re not even done… Continue Reading

Lest we forget in the midst of all the racism discussions, Donald Sterling is also quite the misogynist too

Donald Sterling is (currently, at least for the next several hours/days) the longest-tenured owner in the NBA; he’s been in that role with the Los Angeles Clippers for 33 years. Normally, that would be a major badge of honor — think of… Continue Reading

Kevin McHale was one of the greatest power forwards ever. Dude has to be looking at LaMarcus Aldridge right now and saying “Well, goddamn.”

I’ve never been to Portland, OR save for about 1 hour in the airport, and I’ve never seen a Blazers game in person (statement 1 would seem to flow directly to statement 2, right?), but I unabashedly love the Blazers and… Continue Reading