New Hampshire drinks more than basically anyone else

As you can see above, turkeys in New Hampshire get fed beer for flavor purposes. Nice. This should now surprise no one, because New Hampshire drinks more than basically anywhere else in the United States. For beer, it’s 40.8 gallons… Continue Reading

Did Lagunitas beer really grow 85 percent from 2012 to 2013?

There was a recent article in The Atlantic about “the state of American beer,” ultimately using data from Beverage Industry Magazine to see where the different beer brands (the American ones) stand as of the end of 2013. Most of the article is pretty basic… Continue Reading

In 1994, there were 537 craft breweries in America. Now there are 2,768. Thank you, Jimmy Carter?

Cool profile on NPR this morning about the rise in craft brewing — although this has been covered for a few years now, it’s great to see stories of this ilk. I almost always order craft, and I can’t tell… Continue Reading

PBR and hipsters: maybe the best marketing is to avoid the big marketing, eh?

Check out that chart above, by way of Quartz here. PBR — which essentially barely advertises — is literally crushing the major light-beer brands, most of whom spend millions advertising. That makes no sense, though — right? We take these MBAs and we pay… Continue Reading


Singapore really loves downing Scotch whisky, it appears

Whiskey and whisky are confusing worlds. To clarify: you can only really call something ‘scotch’ if it was made in Scotland, and that’s often called ‘whisky’ to distinguish from ‘whiskey,’ which can be made anywhere. Other Scottish rules for Scotch:… Continue Reading


If you like beer, get yourself to Guangzhou, China

Americans lose their shit over cheap beer prices. If you ever meet someone from western New York state, they will — not a question of if, a question of when — tell you about Genny Cream Ale and how it’s something like… Continue Reading

Hangovers are bad, and are even worse when we’re older. Thanks to South Korean lab rats, we have an idea why.

There’s a good chance you might be hungover tomorrow. Such is, as they say, life. The first thing I would recommend is not watching the above video while hungover — it blares Rihanna at you, and that can be extremely tough to… Continue Reading