How to improve the bottom line with employee ideas

Employee Ideas and the Bottom Line

I’ve worked for a lot of senior leaders who seem to hold a belief that the company’s success comes at the expense of its employees, not as a result of their work. What do I mean by that? It’s a common attitude that rank-and-file… Continue Reading

How do you get your idea to catch on?

How To Get Ideas To Catch On

Challenging question, right? And in a way, kind of the crux of everything. If you have the greatest idea in the history of mankind but no one buys into it, well … was it really the greatest idea in the history… Continue Reading

Maybe ideation software isn’t helping

Ideation Platforms and Communication

Everywhere you look these days, there seem to be different kinds of tools and software to make it easier to listen to (and subsequently engage) your employees. Often this will be something cloud-based, promising “real-time feedback,” and/or “actionable insights,” etc.… Continue Reading

William C. Whitney could have changed the future of the entire world via the electric car

I went to my cousin’s wedding this weekend; the reception was at Larz Anderson Auto Museum (and park) up in Boston. During the early stages of the reception, you could actually meander throughout the museum. My dad saw this car… Continue Reading

Perhaps the idea of “brainstorming” doesn’t make any sense at all

It would seem logical that better ideas could be generated in a group as opposed to simply by individuals — more perspectives and viewpoints, and an inherent vetting process in real-time. But then again, maybe that’s not true: But no study has… Continue Reading


On Larry Page, dreaming big, and anonymous health care “big data”

Larry Page appeared at the TED 30th Anniversary conference in Vancouver, speaking on stage with Charlie Rose (part of the interview is above, and you can find a deeper transcript here). There are about 127 different headlines you could go… Continue Reading