Salary range 101: You want good people, gotta pay for ’em

Salary range

This occurs at the intersection of the Job Hopping Stigma. Continue Reading

Your bonus structure is alienating employees

Bonus Structure

This is a problem. Continue Reading

Your employee reward system is a tire fire. Let’s fix it!

Employee reward program

Ah, yet again whereby we ignore the psychology of work. Continue Reading

Incentive programs need two major changes

Incentive programs

A lot of incentive deals at companies are usually just “the rich get richer and maybe possibly I’m not sure maybe someone in the low middle can get a plane ticket but not positive only maybe.” We need to adjust some of this. Continue Reading

Poor management is fraying social bonds

Poor Management

Your wanker boss is hitting you right in the support network. Continue Reading

Bonus pay is ripping America apart

Bonus Pay

Inequality and hierarchy’s sad, awkward intersection. Continue Reading