Willie O’Ree was the first African-American NHL player — for the Bruins. So let’s hope a good series by P.K. Subban doesn’t become a racial thing for Boston.

I’m a big fan of the Canadiens right now — they’re Canada’s best (read: only) hope, for chrissakes — and the rest of the playoffs, minus the Wild and Rangers, feels like a bunch of teams that won it all… Continue Reading


Could a Boston-based company called XL Hybrids help change the world (and the climate)?

XL Hybrids is a company out of Boston that, right there on their homepage, will promise a 20 percent reduction in urban fuel consumption. The business media is on board: Fast Company just had them as the third-most innovative energy company in… Continue Reading


In 2022, you probably want to be working in health care, and you may want to be living in New Mexico or Greenville, NC

Cool article — fun with maps! — on The Atlantic Cities by way of Richard Florida recently, which details, essentially, job growth in the U.S. in the next 10 years. Here’s what you basically need to understand about all this. 1. You would… Continue Reading


Cities go with low taxes to attract entrepreneurs and new companies; the entrepreneurs want talent and livability

Fact: San Francisco and Boston — two innovation hubs based on coasts, universities, etc. — are becoming more expensive. Fact: cities like Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, right there in the heartland/Rust Belt, are beginning to attract new start-ups and incubators and… Continue Reading


Here’s what could really shift the future of American cities away from San Francisco, New York, and Boston

You could choke a horse on the Internet with lists about the “best city” or the “future city” of America — Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City and others have all topped different lists — and now there’s a new study… Continue Reading

The Bay Psalm Book is likely the most valuable book in the world, and now we’re about to prove it

Here’s the basic story: in 1638, the Reverend Joseph Glover and family set sail for the new world. Glover died on the journey, but Stephen Daye survived and, along with Glover’s widow, printed the first documents in the American colonies.… Continue Reading

So … Elizabeth Warren and 2016

There are two major topics that will dominate Internet bandwith for the next 10 days: one is anything-and-everything associated with JFK and his untimely murder on the streets of Dallas (for example, we’re now evaluating the single-bullet theory using the latest… Continue Reading