Branding strategies: Many marketers are clueless here

Branding Strategies

Stop screeching about ‘branding strategies’ in all-hands meetings when, in fact, you just want to talk about process and guidelines. They’re very different things. Continue Reading


What you feel for a brand is essentially “rational love”

Rational Love For Brands

Kinda interesting, via here: The researchers first approached the question with structured interviews of 60 study participants about brands and people they loved and liked. They noticed some similarities in the way participants discussed humans and items: those that were… Continue Reading


Stop using Facebook as a marketing strategy

Facebook Marketing

You may have seen some of these new data sets about Facebook and usage. Basically, Forrester went out and told people that it was a bad marketing strategy. (Concur.) Organic reach has been dying forever, and large-brand Facebook posts are only… Continue Reading

At some point, a company’s organic reach on Facebook may hit zero

Back in March 2012, Facebook told brand managers that the organic reach of one of their posts would be about 16 percent of their total audience; if they paid for a post, that could get up to 75 percent. In reality, around… Continue Reading

What can we learn about consuming pop culture from the TED ‘Ads Worth Spreading’ list?

TED just released “Ads Worth Spreading” (here’s the full list) as part of a big week for ’em (the 30th Anniversary of TED is right now in Vancouver). There are no trophies for winning, and ultimately you need to fall… Continue Reading


The annual spending on men’s wear is up 70 percent since 1998. Here we go…

Check out the chart above, via here. There are other charts of interest in said post, but essentially, here’s a quick takeaway: around 1998, the total market for menswear was about $270 billion. This year? It’s going to approach $500 billion.… Continue Reading