Brief Thought Exercise: Intelligence vs. Authority

Just thought of this one: it’s going to be a short post that Google will probably penalize me for or something, so that sucks, but I think it has validity in how we think about work. Here’s how the game… Continue Reading


Deep thought: The three things you can’t talk about

Talk about sex, money, and failure

This is something kinda interesting to me, so I thought I’d do a quick post about it. If you really get down to it, there are three things that basically explain life: Sex: This begins it. Failure: This is what you learn from, give… Continue Reading


What if evolution doesn’t end with humans?

The link text for this article on Slate — essentially about the possibility of technology replacing a lot of human jobs, which has been a concern for a decade or more at this point — is: “Technology is getting smarter. Humans aren’t.”… Continue Reading


Brief thought exercise: if you have a relatively standard office job, could you theoretically do it from a pub each day?

In many ways, this is a ludicrous discussion, and I want to admit that up front. The largest occupation in America right now is retail, and retail jobs tend to be things you need to be in a physical place… Continue Reading

Brief thought exercise: in a way, is actually having a child more selfish than not having one?

Alright, let’s start here: I don’t have kids but God willing (and maybe a job willing) later, I’d like to someday. Now move to here: for years, the narrative has actually been based on the idea that it’s selfish not to have… Continue Reading

Brief thought exercise: as the price of airfare (likely) begins/continues to rise, will we see more people settle near their families?

Planes do require fuel to fly, and as fossil fuel extraction becomes pricier over time, it stands to reason that flights will, too. If you don’t generally believe any of this, consider this fact: from ’09 to ’14, flight costs… Continue Reading


Brief thought exercise: where’s the line in a job interview between being casual/funny/personable and the definition of professionalism?

Feel like this has happened to me a couple of times in the last six-seven months: I’m at a job interview, and it’s one of those situations where you meet with 3-5 people in a given day, for about 30… Continue Reading

Brief thought exercise: while the answer varies for every person, is an organization better if the jobs offer a different experience every day, or a similar experience?

A common refrain you’ll hear in networking/job interviews is someone telling you that one of the best parts of their job — “and of course, also one of the worst (laughter)” — is that every day is something different. I heard… Continue Reading