“Best practices” are bullshit [in one paragraph!]

Just because something works in A doesn’t mean it works in B. Continue Reading


Work is about control. Let’s stop ignoring that.

Time to make the honesty donuts. Continue Reading


When HR rules trump logic, your culture collapses

HR rules

“Well, if we do it for you, we’d need to do it for everyone…” Continue Reading


Paradox: Our quest for credibility reduces the quality of work

Credibility is a great thing. But the quest towards it can take some warped forms at work. Continue Reading

Knowledge sharing at work: A legit differentiator

Knowledge sharing

Seems like an important play if we truly live in The Knowledge Economy now, yes? Continue Reading

You don’t need to gag on work process during the holidays

Work Process cover your ass

Most of Cubicle Land during the holidays is a mix of hypocrisy and excess process designed to “keep people focused.” It doesn’t need to be that way. Continue Reading