The Temple of Busy is making us into fat pigs

Time to find a new church — about self-improvement. Continue Reading

Busywork and how to prevent it


For most people, quantity of work matters way more than quality — and that likely (has to) hurt business productivity. Continue Reading


Busy Busy Busy: Why are Americans so obsessed?

Busy Busy Busy

Get off the cross, as others need the wood. Continue Reading

The no time for that work culture will make you weep

No time for that

Screeching, yelping, bellowing, and hollering — all devoid of context and assistance. Continue Reading

Why busy doesn’t mean productive

Busy doesn't mean productive

I’ve been working now for close to a decade and a half. One major thing that people always miss:┬ábusy doesn’t mean productive. I write about the idea of “busy” vs. “productive” a lot, actually. To wit, here’s three examples: Only… Continue Reading

A major content marketing problem we don’t discuss

Problems with content marketing

I myself love content marketing. I love the concept of content as a bridge between commerce (what someone is trying to sell) and consumer (the person you’re targeting to buy it), and it makes total sense to me. The problem… Continue Reading


Naw, you’re really not that busy

You're not nearly as busy as you think

Here’s a thing I’ve literally never understood in the period of time I’ve been working: everyone runs around all the time talking about how busy they are. OK. So maybe they are. There is this idea that we live in… Continue Reading


Why do we focus so much on the quantity of work we do?

Quantity vs. Quality At Work

I write a lot about the whole notion of people who run around screaming about how busy they are all the time; here are a few samples: You’re probably not nearly as busy as you think Being busy is a… Continue Reading