Let’s rebrand the concept of work-life balance

Companies love to rebrand things, often thinking that simply changing the name of a product or concept will suddenly result in millions more dollars flowing in. (It won’t.) Here’s what really needs some rebranding in the corporate world: the whole idea of… Continue Reading


Overwork is bad for you — and your company

I’m fully of the belief that 55 hours of work/week is a hard ceiling, but I also know a ton of people I’ve worked with over my life who run around screaming about headcount, bandwith, and deliverables with their hair… Continue Reading


You’re not nearly as busy as you think

I’ve been getting fed the “OMG I’m so busy, there’s no time for anything else!” line my entire professional life, so eventually I started blogging about it: There’s really no need to talk about how busy you are Being busy… Continue Reading

Being busy is a drug for most people

The Busy Trap

Taking a hit off that busy pipe, are you? Continue Reading

“Got a minute?” costs the U.S. economy about $588 billion a year

Interruptions and Productivity

Got that stat in the headline from here. Basically the idea speaks to the power (for evil) of interruption, which is common in most workplace cultures, I’d auger. “Hey, got a minute?” At my current job, I actually saw one of those go… Continue Reading

How about a better way to set work rules?

Set Better Work Rules

To a certain extent, process is everything at work. It needs to be there because people can’t just go off willy-nilly and do whatever the hell they want within their workflow, but the general idea of process is terrifying in the hands… Continue Reading


So wait, what are you so busy with anyway?

I could probably write an entire book on this concept, but for right here and right now, I’ll limit it to a dinky little blog post. I’ve already written about “The Busy Trap” once (here), and when I repurposed that… Continue Reading


Focus on the stuff that works. Let the other stuff go.


This is an interesting little rundown of a number of top digital marketers all essentially saying the same thing, which is “After a while, you need to cut bait on some projects.” It kind of lines up with the idea… Continue Reading