Talking about “purpose” and work is getting f’n tedious

Thought leaders droning on, signifying very little. Continue Reading


“Collaborative culture of innovation:” Pump the brakes on this term

Collaborative culture

You can’t force-feed buzzwords to employees and expect a great result. Continue Reading

Where do business buzzwords come from?

Business Buzzwords

The KPI Stork be bringing ’em. Continue Reading

Add “business journey” to the buzzword list

Business Journey

Your origin story and path forward should be notable elements of who you are, but often they’re jargon-chocked BS. What now? Continue Reading


The problem with future of work discussions

Problem with future of work dialogue

There’s a big problem with future of work discussions. I love talking about the future of work — heck, on this blog I have a full tag for future of work. I’ve probably slid it into about six different headlines (or… Continue Reading


Ethics, social media, and platitudes


If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends. Share buttons are at the bottom of the post.  A couple of days ago, I saw some ridiculous photo on Facebook of a work team that looked… Continue Reading


Business buzzword we should ban: “Nimble”

Stop using nimble in business

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WTF? Average CMO tenure is only 48 months? 23 percent of top jobs are open annually?

Marketing Department and CMO Churn

Here’s an article with a ton of buzzwords that reads like a catalog of CMOs who have been promoted in recent years; it’s actually really hard to get through without gagging or trying to smash your computer into 48 pieces… Continue Reading