Five factors for effective work teams

Google's keys to better teams

Even though no one seems to understand their success with living, breathing people — instead attributing it to cash or hand or KPIs or margins or some other BS — Google has long been one of the ‘best places to… Continue Reading

The myth of team diversity

The myth of team diversity

According to some recent research from Northwestern’s Kellogg School, diverse teams tend to actually perform more poorly than non-diverse teams. There are seemingly three basic reasons for this: Diversity erodes over time: As people work together for a while, their views and… Continue Reading


For good work teams, consider C-Factor

Better Work Teams And C-Factor

In my long-running quest to become a better human being, one aspect I added recently to my mornings at the gym was “listening to business or influencer podcasts on my phone.” Admittedly some of these things tend to be lots… Continue Reading