CEO trust is in the toilet

CEO trust

… ultimately, though, how surprising is this and how much does it matter? Continue Reading


Do leadership competencies have to include “being an asshole?”

Leadership competencies

The Myth of Steve Jobs. Continue Reading

Will CEO responsibilities ever really shift?

CEO responsibilities

If VUCA is real and disruption is near, then shouldn’t CEOs be viewed differently — and/or chasing new targets? Yes. But this isn’t happening as much as it should. Continue Reading

The C-Suite won’t read your white paper, no

C-Suite won't read your white paper

One of the bigger things that makes me gag on my latest Chipotle burrito is when I go chase some freelance clients and someone tells me their website and associated content has a ‘C-Suite audience’ or ‘appeals to the C-Suite’ or… Continue Reading


On the hiring vs. efficiency schism

CEOs want growth but also efficiency

What I am about to write is by no means scientific. I don’t have a lot of facts to back it up or anything. It’s mostly anecdotal from a series of places I’ve worked. Apologies in advance that this isn’t… Continue Reading


Senior business leaders mostly fear incompetence. Cue the trickle-down.

CEOs facing fear

Cool story here on “what CEOs are afraid of,” based on data from 116 CEOs and other executives (including 27 in-depth interviews afterwards). 116 isn’t a lot of people by any means — there are over 2 million CEOs/top executives in… Continue Reading

How old and experienced is an average CEO?

In the fall of 2012, I had a semi-interesting conversation with a kid I was going to graduate school with. At the time, I think I was 31; the other person in question was 24. We were both males. The… Continue Reading

Executive coaching could be a pretty lucrative way to go, career-wise (and that kinda makes no sense)

Base-level executive coaches are making $500/hour, while some of the best can earn $3,500/hour. For contrast sake, “big law” can charge about $1,000/hour. There are a lot of things that go into a doctor’s pay, but an elite heart surgeon, for example,… Continue Reading